The Source Canada: Price Drop on Blackberry Playbooks

7 September 2012

The Source Canada has done a fabulous price job on those sweet Blackberry Playbooks. I already bought one for my Mother as a gift, but the price is getting so fabulous I am tempted to get one for myself.

  • Get a 16GB for $129.99
  • Get a 32GB for $149.99
  • Get a 64GB for $199.99

You can also check out the bundles. This 64GB Blackberry Playbook Bundle - is the same price ($199.99) as just the Blackberry Playbook... but you also get a Gnarlyfish case and screen protector. Another bundle which is the same price as just the device is this 32GB Playbook Bundle for $149.99. You also get the case and the screen protector with the device.

Just food for thought: this is in many ways comparable to a iPod Touch as it has wifi and can do other things than just a music player, has a touch screen.. etc. However, a 64GB iPod Touch will run you $399. Big price difference.

Expiry: 23rd, September 2012

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  • Sandy
    So just broke down and bought the 32GB Playbook, wow what a deal. I paid that for the 16GB at Christmas last year for my daughter
    • Avigayil M.
      Haha! I am so close to buying one for myself... It just seems like such a great deal. The size is also sweet.. I set up my mother's and I loved the smaller size than the iPad.
  • Tiggrr
    Ended up buying mine at Walmart as it was the same price, yesterday Walmart put the 32G on sale for $119 so went back and got some of my money back, what a deal!

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