The Source Canada: Nexxtech Full-Size Stereo Headphones $14.99 ($35 Off)

If you are on a budget and just need a new headset, The Source has the deal for you. These Nexxtech Full-Size Stereo Headphones were originally $49.99. Get them for only $14.99, an excellent price if you or your kid has a habit of breaking / loosing their headphones or earbuds.

They have really good reviews - and everyone is impressed with the quality you get for the price. This one guy just raves about them:

I bought these headphones a while ago, because they were on sale and they looked decent. I was a bit doubtful when I got home and tried them on, but after a few hours, I fell in love. These headphones have amazing sound and adjust to my head perfectly. They can reach to the utmost points of volume, and are just great. For the price- they are spectacular! I thought I bought a pile of junk when I purchased them, because I was low on money and needed a pair ASAP...

I was just flying home yesterday and had my sweet headphones on. The guy next to me commented on how he was jealous because he forgot his at home, and had to use the earbuds. When I didn't have my headphones on I could hear the movie he was watching when he had the earbuds in. It reminded me why I LOVE my headphones.

Expiry: 11th, July 2012

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