The Source Canada: Gnarlyfish SD Card Wallet $9.99

So you have loaded up on SD cards for all your photo needs but you keep loosing the tiny things! What is a person to do? Check out this simple organizational solution: a Gnarlyfish SD Card Wallet. It will hold 12 SD cards all perfectly in place so you always know where they are. Priced at only $9.99, it is way cheaper than any others I could find.

I looked up SD card wallets several places and the cheapest I could find for general SD wallets was $29.99. It is important to keep your cards from getting damaged or you could loose important photos. I have mine just bouncing around in my camera case, and I am aware that isn't particularly healthy for them.

The Source offers free shipping to a local store, and it also looks like this is available for in store pick up right now. A good deal I think.

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