The Source Canada: 7 Days Of Doorcrashers

So we're just coming to the end of the 12 days of deals from Dell Canada, and The Source is starting a 7 days of doorcrashers! It's just another excuse to spend money on gadgets...

Every morning, there will be one item that is heavily discounted. Today, on day one, the main deal is the Fuji Finepix Z30 digital camera for only $59.96, down from $199.99. Bargain price for a little digital camera!

There seem to be many other items on the doorcrashers page, but I am not sure if these will be updated daily. A few more examples:

The other doorcrashers mainly seem to be on small accessories and gadgets, no major purchases in there. But from the image you can see above, which The Source are using to advertise the Doorcrashers promo, they show some silhouettes of various appliances; laptops, speaker systems, camcorders, hard drives, so it might be worth checking in every day.


  • Day 2: Acer 15.6" HD Laptop for $399.99
  • Day 3: Centrios Clock Radio iPoad system for $49.99
  • Day 4: Nexxtech Versatile PC Speaker soundbar for $9.99
  • Day 5: ?
  • Day 6: ?
  • Day 7: ?

What do you think?

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