TeamBuy Canada: The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer $79 + Shipping

TeamBuy Canada is offering the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer for only $79 (a $167 value). I price matched on a few other sites and did not see it for less than $150, so this is an awesome deal.

This machine looks pretty cool. I would have loved to have gotten my husband something like this for Christmas. He is a notorious fryer of foods and although I love him to cook, fried foods are not great for the waistline or for our health. When I looked around at Christmas, everything was too expensive, so this is a great price.

The Big Boss can do so much with so little. It prepares fried foods with a minimum of fat, just using a little bit of oil or sometimes none at all. Not just that it roasts poultry, bakes fish, broils steaks, fries chicken, grills meats, toasts bread, steams vegetables and apparently even makes dessert. What? Using halogen heat, convection and infrared heat, this tabletop cooker is energy efficient and keeps food moist with browning and crisping on the outside. You can cook food directly from frozen. It cooks the food faster than traditional methods too.

Because it does so much with so little, this would also make an awesome gift for a college student, bachelor or just a person who hates to cook. It is also great for working parents who have little time to cook and haven't prepared. Instead of getting McDonalds, throw some chicken breast in it and get your salad ready. You'll have dinner easily prepared in a short amount of time so you can head out to baseball or karate.

Simply buy the TeamBuy, pay the $8 shipping charge and it will be shipped within two weeks.

(Expiry: 13th February 2013)

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