Staples Canada: Tons of Awesome Sales

Staples Canada is hosting some really fabulous sales over the holiday season, and here are a few more!

There are a few deals that I want to point out:

If you can't afford the big brewing system but still want your coffee through little capsules with no mess and no fuss - check out this mini system. at $69 it wont break the bank and is, indeed, about the same price as a good quality coffee maker (you know, the ol' drip kind).

I am a big fan of anything Sony because i trust the brand. They have been good to me. I think my largest USB drive is only 4GB, so I need an upgrade. At this price there is no reason not to be carrying around a little flash drive. These make great stocking stuffers too.

Purchase a Kobo Mini from Staples and receive a free Kobo Mini SnapBack cover in pink, purple, or teal. Just add both to your cart and the cover will become free.

There are plenty other great deals at Staples, just poke around!

Expiry: 11th December 2012

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