Staples Canada: Sustainable Earth Compostable Plates Only $9.16

If you are planning a party, trip, wedding or any other event where you'll need disposable plates, consider using compost-able plates to reduce your carbon foot print. Right now is a perfect time to stock up, because the Staples brand of compost-able plates is now only $9.16 for 250 nine inch plates, was $22.94.

Paper plates are so wasteful, but let's face it, at some events, we don't want to do all those dishes. And at some events, we don't have enough dishes! Do the right thing and go green with compostable plates, these ones made from sugar cane. They look and feel just like the regular paper plates you've used before, but in the end, they'll be gone and not sitting in a trash heap at the dump.

Normally, this would be a tough call at almost $0.10 a plate, but on sale, this is a great deal at only $0.03 a plate. I price compared other compost-able plates, and this is definitely a great price.

Reviews say these are strong, forks don't go through the plate, they don't bend and fold when full of food, and are basically very durable.

Shipping is free when you spend $20, so order a few packs. You know you'll use them!

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