Staples Canada: Staples Curvy Leather Multi-Tilt Chair - Now $99.62 (Save $100)


Get 50% off the Staples Curvy Leather Multi-Tilt Chair in black. Originally $199.99 the chair is on sale for $99.62.

I'm not sure what people consider to be an affordable price for an office chair these days, but I think just under $100 is pretty reasonable. This chair has a nice curved back with adjustable arms, height, back, and more. It also allows for tilting the back of the seat if you prefer to not sit up so straight.

The chair has a whole bunch of reviews, which is something I find Staples pretty valuable for. Their customers really do like to review products. Most people (50/69) found the chair comfortable, while some (17/69) suggested it could use more padding. The multiple adjustments were appreciated and overall the chair was thought of very positively. It has a 3.9/5 ranking overall.

Now that the chair is on sale for 50% off you can get pretty good value for the price. You will also receive free shipping on this chair, which really saves you on shipping fees for something so big and with a substantial weight.

(Expiry: 15th October 2013)

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