Staples Canada: Half Price Brother Laser Digital Copier/Printer


There's a great deal on the Brother DCP-7040 Laser Digital Copier/Printer from Staples Canada right now - it's half price!

The price of this Brother printer/copier has been reduced down to $99.92, which is a really good price in my opinion. It's a laser printer, a scanner, and a copier - so really handy for home use.

Regarding replacement toner costs, I price checked it on, and it costs $25.95 for the compatible toner or $41.60 for the Brother manufacturer. That's not bad at all.

I've always heard good things about Brother devices too, although I have a Samsung multi-function device myself. Mine is really handy, especially the copier part. If I need a quick copy of a document, I don't have to run out and try and find somewhere to make a copy. I can just stick it in my own device and get a copy in seconds.

What do you think?

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