Staples Canada: Apple Products on Sale

Apple products rarely go on sale. Especially not brand new ones. So Staples is really showing off by offering the iPad 3, the iPad 2, and Apple computers for a discount!

So you want some sale Apple goodies?  Sure these aren't the most breathtaking discounts, but because this is so rare - it is blog worthy!

You can also pick up an iPad 2 - 16 GB for only $369! You save $30 on Apple's price.

As for computers, there are two deals:

I double checked all of the base prices with, and they all match. So the savings is truly a savings: you cannot get it at Apple for any cheaper. The discounts are off of Apple's prices.

Receive free shipping on all orders of $50 or more.

Expiry: Unknown, but will probably sell out quick.

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