Staples Canada: $30 Off Apple TV - Now $79

Giving you a heads up about this one day deal from Staples: Get $30 off Apple TV! Regularly priced at $109 the Apple TV will be on sale for only $79 and only on Sunday.

So what does Apple TV do? According to the Apple website you can:

  • Watch 1080p HD movies.
  • Play Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo videos.
  • Watch MLB and NHL games — live or on demand.
  • Enjoy your music and photos from iCloud.
  • Stream from your iOS devices via AirPlay.
  • Features 802.11n Wi-Fi and Apple Remote.

I have sort of wanted one of these forever. For some reason - I never wanted to spend more than $100! This is a fabulous opportunity because Apple products RARELY EVER go on sale. Also... they never go on sale for this amount!

There is a limit of 1 per household.

Expiry: 16th December 2012


  • Kerri
    Site closed due to scheduled maintenance. lol right.
  • Avigayil
    I saw that too as I am waiting for it to start. I want one!
  • Avigayil M.
    Hey guys - I just got one! Their website is a bit buggy right now - but the order went through. I haven't got emailed anything yet - so I saved my confirmation number. I suggest trying it and just saving your confirmation number. $79 is a great deal.
  • Anna W.
    My brother in law has one, he loves it :)
  • Cal
    I was impressed; the local Staples store only had 9 delivered and they were already taken by the time I got in line. The local Best Buy store though had 100 in stock and matched the price!
    • Avigayil M.
      Awesome! I love great customer service stories!
  • LA22
    Was thrilled when I saw this deal and bought it right away. Not thrilled getting an email a day later telling me my order had been cancelled because they didn't have enough stock. Don't let people keep ordering if you don't have enough stock...last time I'll be shopping there.
    • Avigayil M.
      I got the same thing today too. I sent them a very unhappy email to their customer service.
      • JW
        I wonder if they will even reply. Staples haven't been really great with me recently either. I bought a printer. They tell me to wait two weeks for it to arrive because it's an extended delivery item. After two weeks.. nothing. Later, about eight phone calls to different people and departments, someone from the Operations Support department "discovers" that the item is on vendor delay. So you're telling me that not everyone at the call centre has this info on their systems? I ended up waiting for over a month to receive my printer. This whole time, the item was still being sold online, not listed as out of stock. Recently, Amazon was selling a storage server for $5xx dollars. Staples was selling it for $950. Our family already got one price matched at Memory Express (including 25% of the difference) and we wanted another one, but Memory Express was sold out in the entire city. So I tried Staples. On two separate calls I had to wait 10-20 minutes, then another 5 minutes for the "Price Match Department". In the end, they said it couldn't be approved until they confirm the price with Amazon and get an answer from someone higher up. Both calls, they took down my info and stated that they would call me back as soon as they get an answer. Never got called back. It was obvious that they didn't want to sell the item to me at almost 50% off. My very first delivery order with Staples was a keyboard. When it arrived, the outside box was in poor condition. The plastic packaging had rips in them and there was scotch tape all around to patch up the rips. You could easily tell the keyboard was previously used/opened. It was in rough shape to say the least. No big deal, I just had to ask for an exchange, but one would wonder how an item would be able to leave the warehouse in such a condition. ----- As for the Apple TV, I tried price matching it at Future Shop. They didn't allow it. I didn't have the luck that Cal had at his Best Buy.
    • Linda
      Spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Staples today.... Very upset. They apparently had technical difficulties with their website and kept accepting orders even if APPARENTLY they did not have any left. They will not honor their mistake! What disappointment. The order had been accepted and everything. They said: <well, you didn't get a confirmation e-mail so it did not go through. We are supposed to assume this apparently. They don't even have the decency to let us know. I only knew because I went on the website to see the status of my order and saw it said: Unavailable.
  • Robert
    Never buy from staples again
  • Peter A.
    I managed to order one, but got a lame email from staples saying the order was cancelled due to stock issues. Very lame staples. I recommend people do not buy from a company that falsely advertises and deceives consumers. I have filed a BBB complaint.
  • Annie
    ordered it and got an email saying that my order has been cancelled because it was out of stock! Really upset. Staples really needs to do better. Very disappointing.
  • Judy
    Ordered it before 7 in the morning, I got an e-mail yesterday saying it was cancelled as they sold out but today on their website it shows they are available at $109. What's with that?
  • Mike
    I too ordered one online and got the cancellation email. Today they are advertising them on their website at the regular price and appear to be in stock. Yet another reason to boycott Staples.
  • Robert L.
    Do not shop Staples Canada online. Flawed inventory and notification system.
  • Denna
    hey all-I tried to order the apple tv too and got the same cancellation email but then a few days later they sent me an email with a coupon worth $30.00 to use online or instore on any item, includiing the apple tv, when they're back in stock of course.....this was acceptable and appreciated so I'm going to do just that-as of Dec 26/12 it's out of stock on their site but the $30.00 coupon has no expiry date so you can go to a store (phone first for inventory levels) or wait till it comes back on the site as "in stock". Note,'s great boxing day/week sales do not include the apple tv so this is the best deal in town.
  • KJ
    I received the coupon as well. A week ago, they were showing the apple tv as available on their website. I ordered it, received the confirmation email, and yet AGAIN the next day received an email saying they were not in stock therefore my order would not be fulfilled. That's not all - I checked my credit card statement and Staples charged me $12.79. Called customer service who told me "Oh.. sometimes an environment charge is added and not refunded". What the hell is that? I wasn't even charged that in the first place, why was that just added and charged? Unless I brought it to their attention I wouldn't get that money back. Oh and lastly, the coupon is no longer valid and apparently I'll have to call customer service and beg for them to give me $30 off if the apple tv is ever actually in stock again. Staples is the worst.

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