Sony Ipod Mini System For $90 @

The Sony RDHSK8IP  Ipod Mini System is over half price from Best Buy - it was $199.99 and it's now only $89.95. Plus, you get free shipping too as your order is more than $20.

The Sony iPod Mini System is a 75W iPod dock, into which you can slot your iPod to crank out some rocking tunes. It's quite a funky design too, with customizable graphic skins.

Apparently it uses the standard Apple connector, but it can also work with a stereo mini line in jack.

Review wise, the commenters on The Source's website are very positive indeed.

Diamond says:

The sound that this unit puts out with my IPOD is amazing.

And sounder says:

I bought it and was pleasantly surprised at its clean, crisp, punching high volume.

I wonder if it would fit my iPhone?

(Ends 22nd June 2011)

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