Sony Canada: Save up to $200 on Headphones

Sony Canada is discounting a bunch of their headphones from the low end to the super high end noise cancelling sets. Something for everyone!

 click here to shop the headphone sale @

There really is something here for everyone.

These are just a few of the offerings in this sale. There are tons more for different price points. The lowest I think I've seen was $19.99 which is perfect for people like me who can't keep a set of wired headphones to save my life. I used to buy $50 Sony DJ style headphones until I broke my fifth pair or so. After that I started buying $20 earbuds and, after I burned through a few hundred dollars in those, eventually I settled into the $10 special at Wal~Mart.

Now if you are better at keeping your headphones in one piece, you can get the super expensive $300 pair I mentioned above or a set anywhere in between.

(Expires: Unknown)

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