Save up to $500 When You Bundle Home Entertainment Systems

14 November 2012

Sony Canada sells a lot of TVs. The problem is that TVs get a little lonely sometimes. Sony doesn't want the TVs to get lonely, so they are making it foolishly easy for you to get a Blu-Ray Home Theater friend for your new TV!

There are six bundles available with different TVs and Blu-Ray Home Theater systems. Here they are:

A few notes on the links above; First off, I split the links up so that if you click on the TV, you see the info for the TV. If you click on the Blu-Ray Home Theater, you see the info for that product. They don't have a link that shows you both items as a bundle with all their specs. All the prices will reflect savings only at checkout, and your price in the cart will show the full price.

You can't really go wrong with any of the deals on here. They are all really good. It just depends on what you want/need, I suppose. Luckily, Sony has a good range of sizes and qualities here.

The Blu-Ray home theater systems are great too. If you're going to have a nice HDTV like one of these, you really need a home theater system. The speakers in these TVs are generally pretty terrible and you really need a better setup, whether it be a sound bar or a full fledged Blu-Ray home theater system like they have here. While they're bundled, you might as well get one! You're only paying $100 or $300 for the home theater system, depending on which bundle you pick.

(Expires: 21st November 2012)

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