Seagate GoFlex Desk Kit 2TB External Hard Drive $110 & Free Shipping @

29 June 2012

Need some extra storage for the computer? Check out this deal from, part of their Canada day sale. You can get the Seagate Freeagent GoFlex Desk 2TB system for only $109.99, with free shipping too.

When you work it out, you're only paying about $0.05 per GB - dead cheap. 2TB is a pretty big amount of space, it should be ample for home users. As I have mentioned countless times in the past, I highly recommend getting an external hard drive and making some backups of your precious photos.

I watched the little video on the Newegg page, as I was curious why this item was called a "desk kit." Basically, it's just an external hard drive, but you can actually switch out the interfaces to be compatible with different devices if you need it. It comes with a USB3 connection, but you can actually purchase an USB2 or firewire connection separately, if you need it (the average home user wouldn't need to worry about this). I did find that an interesting feature.

(Expiry 2nd July 2012)

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  • Gary W.
    the statement "(the average home user wouldn’t need to worry about this)." is totally incorrect. very few pc's have a USB3 capability and, therefore the average home user will absolutely need to worry about this.
    • Anna W.
      Gary, I'll defend myself in saying that the statement referred to the fact that the average home user doesn't need to worry about the interchangable connectors. And USB 3 is backwards compatible with previous iterations of USB, so I stand by my point...

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