Pricematters: Portable 160GB Seagate External Hard Drive $29.95 (Was $140)

Do you need a place to store your information while on the go? Travelling, university, the office... anywhere that you are away from your home base? Check out this Seagate FreeAgent Go 160GB External Hard Drive. It requires no external power, is light and is small: around 5" x 4." It will fit almost anywhere, a purse, briefcase or a backpack. Right now Pricematters Canada has these on for $29.95 + shipping, originally $140.37.

I just got one! They come formatted for a PC but it was sooo easy to reformat it for my MAC: just open time machine, select the hard drive and start a back-up. It tells you to back it up it will need to reformat... and you just agree. The thing is so small and light, I was delighted. It plugs into your computer using 2 usb ports and the side of it lights up when powered on. It is slower than your externally powered desktop hard drives to back up, but it is great for a travel HD when the data you want available to you is bigger than a reasonably priced memory stick can provide. It almost makes no noise as well! I did a full back-up of my macbook pro: all 68 gig onto the external hard drive and it worked PERFECT.

I will certainly be using this for university and traveling as it is an excellent storage solution and SO portable!

Shipping is $15, but even with shipping it comes to $44.95, and is worth every cent in my eyes. I love this little thing. :-D Price comparison: On this hard drive is quoted as $159.99 original price and is marked down to $80, almost double what you will pay here.

Last note: I received it within 3 days. Wicked!

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    Hi, You should note "This product is Recertified."

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