Pricematters Canada: Freedom i-Connex Bluetooth Keyboard - $44.97

Pricematters Canada has a fabulous price on the Freedom i-Connex Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablets and UMPCs! They are selling it for only $44.97!

So I price compared this little baby at and it costs $98.73 there. So you are basically saving $53.76 on the price. You will have to pay for shipping unless you spend over $50 (which it might be well worth it for you to do).

I did some research on the device and it seems to be hit and miss. There have been a few lemons in the batch but those who got the good ones absolutely love their keyboard. These have been re-certified - so they should have all the bugs worked out of them. Here are some of the pros:

  • Super Slim
  • Lightweight
  • nearly full size keyboard
  • travel ready
  • easily pairs with Bluetooth devices

If you need a bigger keyboard while on the go this might just be the device you are looking for. At this price, it is certainly worth a try.

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