PriceMatters Canada: Bargain Hunter Deals - Up To 50% Off

MTF Pricematters has created a system called the Bargain Hunter. The banner above should give you a good rundown on the system, but essentially it is a four step process:

  • An item goes on the bargain hunter for 25% off
  • 24 hrs later it becomes 35% off
  • 24 hrs later it becomes 50% off
  • 24 hrs later it is gone.

They have items at all all three stages of discount on at the same time.

There are currently three items at 50% off that have less than nineteen hours before they hit stage four... and are gone!

Other items will become 50% off in a few hours as well, so be sure to check them out in case you have your eye on something.

Shipping varies. Limited quantities available.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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