Newegg Contest Winners

17 December 2010


Some  of you may well remember the Newegg contest which we ran at the start of the month, giving away $1000 worth of gift vouchers. Well, we've got 10 winners, who each are getting their grubby hands on a $100 gift voucher!

The winning Bargainmoosers were: Athary, Lesley, Michelle, Omid, Lilac, Elisa, Jessica, Pam R, Kimmy and Emma.


The winners have already been emailed, so if you see your name in the above list and haven't heard anything, sorry, but it's not you!

Hopefully we'll be having some more juicy giveaways in the coming year of 2011!

P.S. If you represent a Canadian store and want to give away some freebies to the Bargainmoosers, feel free to email us!

TOPICS:   Computers


  • Jessica
  • Jessica
    I was very excited for a minute... wrong Jessica :'(
  • Amanda
    Congrats to the winners! =)
  • kimmyf
    Thank you..!

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