NewEgg Canada Thanks Us On Thanksgiving!

The recently opened store is doing a great offer for the Thanksgiving celebrations. It’s a $15 discount on a $15 spend!! Now, as their shipping charges for smaller items can be a little on the steep side, this promo code is pretty great, as it kind of means free shipping.

  • Where: Online @ New Egg Canada
  • What: $15 off $15
  • Coupon Code: NEWEGGCA15
  • When: Right now, don’t know for how long!

E.g. I tested it out on a $52 electric toothbrush, and the shipping was $16, so the $15 discount really helped.

If you haven’t heard of these guys, NewEgg are a major online retailer in the states, and have just opened their Canadian store. They have a wide range of electronics and computer stuff. Thoughts across the internet seem to be quite “meh” as the prices aren’t astounding, and the shipping seems quite high. Randomprocess even went so far as to call their launch a “massive fail”. I’ll give them a few months to see how they go before I make any purchases though.

Thanks to Joey Harrison for the image.

- Anna


  • charlie
    Yeah, I called it massive fail because I had been following the hype through Newegg's email newsletters prior to launch as well as on RedFlagDeals. All the wording in Newegg's emails pointed to some massive launch with amazing deals. In reality the launch was barely a whisper. There were no amazing specials and most of pricing was in line or slightly worse than NCIX/DirectCanada. Even on lower priced items, the thing that worries me is that they're located in the States, with no physical presence in Canada. It's one thing for Newegg to pay the UPS customs charges for shipping to me, if I have to RMA something, it means shipping it down to California. That's simply not something I want to deal with. With the Canadian dollar dropping versus the greenback, and with Newegg's pricing (seemingly) tied directly to the currency conversion, the deals are only getting worse.
  • Anna
    Yeah, some good points there charlie. I had heard rumours that they would have a warehouse based in BC... which would of course be nicer for us, but doesn't look like that had happened. Anyway, it's good to have another online store, I just hope things improve. I want better deals. I want free shipping. I have money to spend... I wish they would help me spend it! Welcome to my blog :)

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