NewEgg Canada End Of Summer Blowout


NewEgg Canada is having an "end of summer blowout" sale. I've had a look down the items on offer and there are a few decent deals on electronics and computing products. I won't list all of them in here, but I'll pick out a few of the deals to show you what I mean.

Some examples:

Some of these come with free shipping, and some you have to pay extra for shipping. If you stick it in your cart, you can see exactly how much shipping would be.


  • Lins
    Is the 10% discount back up that you had posted at the beginning of September?
    • Anna
      No, sorry, it's expired :)
  • Jeff
    Was going to be the Logitech mouse and ran a search on rebates. Found this code and was able to buy mouse for $58 from site. Free Shipping! I don't know how long this will be in effect...i found it at and it worked on the canadian site OK. LOGIGAME-910

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