The Last Back-to-School Sale

You're probably already back to school but that's no reason for New Egg Canada to stop giving us some awesome deals.

I love back to school sale time, but this is getting kind of ridiculous isn't it? Anywho, it's supposedly the last one so let's enjoy it, okay? On the plus side, they've done something with this one that I really dig. It's broken up into price ranges. Under $50, $50 - $100 and over $100.

I like the price range thing because you can mentally fence your spending. You can say you are going to spend under $50 but when you sort it by price there is always that item that is a little better for $55 and the one that is better than that for $65. It's only $15 right? No big deal. But then it's only $75 or $80. I've done this tons of times. If a retailer makes these imaginary boundaries it helps to stop you from going over the limit you've set.

The sale itself is varied and have everything from headphones to hard drives to laptops. A lot of the items have free shipping and a lot of them require a promo code so watch out for that.

(Expires: 15th September 2012, 9:00PM ET)

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