The Coolest Deal on Computer Gear and Other Tech

13 October 2012

That frog wants you to buy some awesome stuff at great prices from New Egg Canada. Obey!

Here are a few of the deals available:

So you'll likely notice that these deals are all from the first page. I did that to show how great of a sale this is. Out of 6 pages, 62 items, I picked four out of the first page, the first 12 items. I didn't even have to look. I didn't even have to scrounge to get some variety. This is another one of those great sales that has a bit of everything. Even a frog. That is one awesome frog.

Anywho, this is where I talk about something so let's talk about shipping! Ooooo! Exciting, I know. Seriously though, the shipping costs here are nuts. You can get a laser printer, which is a big, heavy item, shipped to your door for $5. How crazy is that? I can't send a registered letter to my next door neighbor for under $5. People always complain about big companies putting the little guy out of business but with clout like this, I don't really mind. If the little guy can make my product appear at my front door for $5 then you can call me Mr. Small Business.

(Expires: Unknown)

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