Save up to 30% ($30) on Select 2.5" and 3.5" Internal HDDs

Mo' storage, less money. That's the deal that NewEgg Canada is bringing you! If your hard drive is feeling a little cramped lately,  read on! Even if it isn't, you should still continue reading, it's a pretty good deal.

There are two hard drives on sale here. Check them out.

Doesn't seem like you see very many deals on internal hard drives anymore. Generally you see a lot more external drives. I suspect this is because most systems are being shipped with fairly large hard drives to begin with. Most people never really need to upgrade their storage and if they do need more storage it's more of an archival thing so they buy external drives and stack them in a closet somewhere until they need to get that old document or the Christmas pictures from five years ago. Nevertheless, there are tons of reasons to get another hard drive.

Before I continue, one note about the drives themselves: I've had one Hitachi drive go bad and the RMA process was great. Fast and super. No hassle.

I'm an advocate of having spare parts laying around in case your computer dies at 3:00AM on a Sunday morning and you need to get it back up and running. A hard drive is definitely an essential spare part to have around the house. I'd even install an operating system and all your essential programs and drivers on one that way you can pop it in and boot from it immediately.

(Expires: 28th October 2012)

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