FREE Gift Card with Purchase of Select Items

We have been told from a young age that Christmas is about giving, not receiving. That's Why NewEgg Canada is giving you a free gift card when you purchase select items!

This is a great deal. you're getting free money just for buying stuff. The best part about this specific kind of deal is that it is so flexible. You can buy a product for someone, let's say this ASUS Core i7Laptop, you will get a FREE $50 gift card. You can just leave the gift card with the laptop or you can wrap it up and give it to someone else. You could even use it to buy another product to give to someone. Of course you could also keep it for yourself.

There are tons of great products involved in this sale and the spend amounts aren't that high. For example, you can spend $109.99 on this Sling Media Slingbox SOLO and get a $20 gift card. That's almost 20% of your purchase back! How about getting a $150 gift card back when you buy a Saeco Talea Giro Plus Automatic espresso machine. Now the machine is $849.99 but $150 gift card is 25 of the cost of the entire machine. That's a lot of coffee.

So what would you do with the gift card? Let us know in the comments below!

(Expires: Various dates)

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