Far Cry 3 FREE + 20% Off Medal of Honor w/ Purchase of Select Video Cards, & More!

New Egg Canada is bringing you an absolutely amazing deal to go with your new video cards!

The problem with buying new gaming gear has always been that you run out of money to buy games. I'm primarily a console gamer, and I can remember saving up my money to by a PS2, and having to ask my step dad to stop at Blockbuster so I could RENT a game!

Anywho, you don't have to worry about that when you buy a new video card from There are three to choose from and the cards each ship for about $10 to $12:

When you buy one of these cards you get the following deals:
If you buy a second identical video card in the same purchase (you can't get this deal if you buy one now and one in two months) you get this bonus:
These are all digital PC downloads from Steam, Origin and Ubisoft, depending on the game.

(Expires: 31st March 2013, or when supplies of game keys run out)

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