NCIX Canada: Microsoft Lifecam only $5 with Free Shipping (Was $40)


In case you missed the Mooseletter this morning, I wanted to draw special attention to this sweet little deal on a Microsoft Lifecam VX-800 0.31MP USB 2.0 Webcam with Integrated Microphone. Originally $39.99, the little webcam is now on sale for $5 with free shipping.

The fine print underneath says:

HURRY! Only 205 left at this price! This special price will be applied ONLY after you complete your order, and will be processed in the order that they were received.

Now, that sort of does not make sense to me since the $5 price shows in my cart. As the $5 is the special price, then it is sort of being applied before I complete my order too, right? Or am I completely lost here?

Why I mention that little quote is more for the numerical value. As of the time I am posting this, there are approximately 200 units still available before they jack the price.

This unit is a basic webcam with microphone. If you are looking for HD quality or amazing vocal quality, then you are totally looking at the wrong unit. However, if you want something to cover your basics for the cottage, the dorm, or for your grandparents who do not know a webcam from a hole in a wall, then this is the cam for you. As this reviewer said:

For a microsoft product at $40, knowing how it performs, I would never pay that kind of money. This camera should be sold for $20, maximum. I actually picked this up with my NCIX points for my parents. Glad I did. If you are looking for HD, look away, if you are looking for something to do the job with basic MIC quality, pick this baby up when it's on special.

Well, you do not even have to pay $20. You get to pay $5. That is it. Pretty sweet, eh?

While most laptops come equip with webcams, this is one of those things I would be tempted to get my mother. She put tape over her webcam because of some scare that people could tap into your webcam and be watching everything you do. Well, the adhesive will not come off the lens now, so when I try to Skype with my parents I just get a blur. I think they need a new webcam and this would work just fine for a fiver.

(Expiry: Quantities limited)

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