MemoryExpress: New Store Opening Sale, for Online Customers Too!

MemoryExpress is growing and as such they are opening a new location in Calgary NE. To celebrate they are extending their deals to us online folks too!

There are a lot of good deals on various things for sale. Here are a few:

It's nice to see Memory Express getting bigger. It must be tough when you're going against Future Shop, Best Buy and The Source. More players in the market means more competition which means lower prices.

As usual, anything under 100 lbs ships for $4.99 in Canada with some few exceptions.

There is nothing like a new store opening to bring some great prices. We have a Leon's furniture store that built half of a new store next to their old one, opened it, tore down the old one and are in the process of building the second half now. I swear they have had no fewer than five store opening sales of the same location. Companies are terrified that the new store will fail so they do anything they can to bring people in the door.

MemoryExpress, it seems, is no different. They are giving some really good deals here. They have limited the items to one per person, which is no surprise with these prices. If I had the inclination to spend a bunch of money right now I'd get one of those projectors. It's not the best on the market but it has an awesome price.

(Expires: 10th September 2012, 9:00PM ET)

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