16th Anniversary Sale

Memory Express is 16 years old!! Woo! Yeah, I know, the birthday of a retail outlet isn't that big of a deal but when they have a sale like this, it is! There are some great deals here so put on your paper party hat and slam your face down into a chocolate and ham birthday cake!

Lots of deals here in a lot of categories. Here are a few:

Whenever you're looking at a sale from Memory Express (or any retailer) make sure you look around the page. Oftentimes there are more sales hidden. Now I say hidden but I really mean that we're too dumb or lazy to see them. I've done this before. You go on, look at a sale, then hear someone talking about some great deal on some product that was on the sale. No, they aren't making things up, you just didn't click on the CE Sale Items or IT Items links at the top of the Memory Express 16 year sale.

It's 3:24AM. Do YOU know how to get the most out of your 16th Birthday Sale? Studies show that 117% of dogs miss the IT Items and CE Sale Items links at the top of the 16th Birthday Sale. The side effects are devastating and vivid. Death, destruction, miming becoming a legitimate form or entertainment. All these terrible things could happen if you don't check out the IT Items and CE Sale Items links on the top of the 16th Birthday Sale.

--This PSA brought to you by (Please don't fire me)

Seriously though, I miss these things a lot and there are some great deals in there. For this sale specifically the CE Sale Items has a lot of great deals especially on some in-store only items like TVs. Make sure you check it out!

(Expires: 10th October 2012)

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