Memory Express Canada: Microsoft Peripherals on Sale - Webcams, Keyboards, Mice & More!

Memory Express and Microsoft are teaming up to give you discounts on some of Microsoft's great hardware including Mice, Keyboards and Webcams!

Here are some of the items on sale.

I wasn't going to write this sale because on the surface the deals didn't seem great. I saw discounts like $10 or $15 and almost moved then then I realized that this is a sale on peripherals which are low price items to start off with. I think that's a flaw a lot of deal hunters have. A $5 discount doesn't see big until you realise it's on a $15 item.

That's not why I'm here though. I'm here to tell you about the deals! I have always like Microsoft's peripherals. Especially their basic mice. Not the fancy, high end ones (although I'm sure they are great) but the simple ones. They always feel good in your hand and seem like they are well made. Same with they basic keyboards. Their more expensive keyboards are great but the basic ones are the ones I really love. The price is right and again, they just feel good under the fingers. I even recently got a Microsoft LifeCam webcam and, after I disabled auto-focus, it's been great. Now auto-focus is probably something most of you will want but it didn't work for my purposes.

Shipping from MemoryExpress is $4.99.

What's your favourite mouse, keyboard and webcam? Let me know in the comments below!

(Expires: 30th June 2013)

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