Memory Express Canada: Get Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon FREE with Select AMD Quad-Core A10 Processors

FREE game ripping on 80's action movie tropes? Yessir.

I have never played Far Cry. I know. I'm terrible. I should be strung up by my toe hair and left for dead. Luckily enough the FREE game you can get when you buy one of these AMD Quad-Core A10 chips is a completely standalone Far Cry 3 expansion. Actually, I don't think you can make an argument that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is related to Far Cry 3 in any way but, well, let's say it is. If you've never played any of the Far Cry games, you can still play this one on it's own.

Here is a description from the Book of Knowledge, Wikipedia:

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is set in a dystopian 2007. Players control a 'Mark IV Cyber Commando' named Sergeant Rex Power Colt. Ubisoft describes the game as "an 80s VHS vision of the future" where the player must "get the girl, kill the bad guys, and save the world". The game's villain is Colonel Sloan, who commands the Omega Force, a cyborg army.

Sergeant Max Power Colt? Yeah, it is THAT cheesy! If you grew up watching these 1980's futuristic action movies, you're going to immediately recognize the style parody that this game is and it will delight you.

Now the game is only $15 retail and these processors are $134.99 to $159.99. You're probably not going to want to choose your next processor based on this FREE game but if you were looking at two processors and now one of them comes with a FREE game it could be a great reason to decide for the A10. Same if you were gonna get an A10 anyways, get it from Memory Express Canada and pick up a FREE game while you're at it!

Shipping is $4.99 on orders that are 100 pounds or less.

(Expires: 31st December 2013 or while supplies last)

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