Lenovo 7 Days of Prizes Day 6 - Win a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Andrew! ***

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... a Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 Pro! Enter for your chance to win this hot prize! This little baby is worth $469.99 and you can win it, today only. I bet you can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring, can you?

The Yoga tablet 2 pro is a beauty of a machine, with an 8W sound system, 13.3 inch display with wide view, built-in projector for your home theatre needs and so much more. I mentioned the other day that I have the Yoga tablet, but this one seems so much nicer because you can use it as a projector. I may just have to pick one up for the family this holiday season. It still has the innovative kickstand that holds the tablet up so you can use it four different ways.

This tablet also has a 15-hour battery life and an advanced rear camera, so it isn't just a tablet, it is a complete multi-media device.

How to win this prize?

What kind of fun would you have with the Yoga tablet 2 Pro? Tell us below!

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 7th December 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion


  • peachie
    With my Lenovo Yoga tablet I will watch movies, take and share photos and play games
  • Jo
    Search for bargain moose deals, of course!
  • SueSueper
    I would have tons of fun playing on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and .....
  • SueSueper
    I Subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates.
  • SueSueper
    I follow you on Pinterest Here is my Pin http://www.pinterest.com/pin/12173861469092842/
  • moe146
    I would watch great movies and TV.
  • SueSueper
    I follow you on twitter here is my tweet - https://twitter.com/SueSueper/status/541576508377030657
  • SueSueper
    I shared this post on my FB Wall https://www.facebook.com/Sue2Sueper/posts/587499568048627
  • Janice
    What kind of fun would you have with the Yoga tablet 2 Pro? With my Yoga tablet 2 Pro, I would play word games, and send messages to my friends, and watch Shark Tank and Dragon's Den, and send eCards, and participate in free online courses, and read news on my favourite news sites, and play solitaire, and listen to music from the 60's and music from the 70's and listen to Christmas carols, and type "to do" lists during the holidays, and lots more, and of course, share the tablet with my family members on alternate days :)!
  • lennypuz
    I'd share all my little guys photos with family and Skype with them overseas!
  • Angela
    Playing movies with the projector sounds like a great way to pass snowdays and sickdays (with 4 kids - seems someone is always home ill this time of year).
  • Brittany
    I love that it has a projection feature! This would be great for entertaining in our new home :)
  • Lisa
    I'd edit and work with my photos and create family photo shows with the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. What an awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the chance!
  • Lisa
    I subscribe to the daily email updates.
  • Tannis
    I have a first gen iPad that can't handle much of anything anymore, crashes every two minutes that I really need a replacement. If we can skype with family on the other side of the country, take photos/videos, surf, play educational games ..... our family would use it.
  • Amanda
    I'd use the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro to play games watch Netflix and I'd take it with me every where I go
  • ZinkFollowers
    I would you use it play music and display my recipes while I'm baking.
  • Steven
    I cant imagine how much fun i would have with the yoga tablet but the worlds the limit, it would be awesome...
  • Amanda W.
    I volunteer as an English teacher at a small school in Peru. I would love to use this tablet with my teaching. The built in projector would allow me to access more students. I would also be able to use the tablet in fund raising efforts. As this is a school that does not receive funding from any government source and relies solely on volunteers and donations. The tablet would also be donated to the school so that the students could use it to increase their language and computer skills. These students come from the poorest areas and do not have access to things that we take for granted.
  • Colin
    I'd catch up on my favourite shows!
  • Aaron
    A tablet would be very useful for school.
  • Candace
    I'd shop online with it ;$
  • Joanne
    I would have fun giving it to my daughter. The projector feature is cool!
  • Daniel
    I would give this to my wife for Christmas. That would be amazingly fun for me. She would then use it for lots of things, such as to Skype with our daughter who is away at college.
  • David
    This Lenovo Yoga Tablet sounds so cool with the built in projector! I would use it to host movie nights indoors and have my friends over as if we were watching it on a big screen TV. And, in the summer, I could use this nifty tablet to host movie nights in my own backyard as if we were at a drive-in, where I could have BBQ snack foods like chicken wings and sliders while we watch movies on a white bed sheet hung on the fence. This would be awesome!
  • Tracy
    Everything! I'd read books on the Kindle app, and the Nook app. I'd update my blog, edit photos, and keep up with Bargain Moose while listening to my audiobooks on Audible or on the Smart Audiobook player I can dowload!
  • Michelle
    I love the tablet/keyboard concept! My family and friends live far away and it would be so much easier keeping in touch with a keyboard. At the same time I would have the advantages of a tablet. Perfect marriage if you ask me!
  • Jasen H.
    This table is so cool! It has a projector built in?! That would be so much fun, could have an awesome outdoor movie night with it!
  • Sandra
    take it with me to France
  • Amy
    For my teenage daughter to use for school and as a Christmas gift!
  • BrennanBones
    I'd watch movies and TV ~ love the projector!
  • Tina
    I would use it to help plan my wedding and buy stuff online.
  • suzi
    I'd take it when I travel because it looks so easy to transport and then I'd be wired in EVERYWHERE!
  • suzi
    I Subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates.
  • Katy
    I've never ever heard of a projector in a tablet...how neat! Definitely watch movies indoors/outdoors!! Where are the winners for any of these contests announced?
  • suzi
    tweeted: https://twitter.com/JustPlainSuzi/status/541610941909987329
  • Dave
    I would say I would use it for work, but really I would use it to play games and watch movies
  • Gayle E.
    Watch movies and shows. And how about the built in projection, think of the possibilities!
  • Jennifer L.
    I'd use it to project movies that the whole family can watch.
  • judeh
    Reading my morning news feed which Bargain Moose happens to be one of them :)
  • Christine G.
    I would love to win this tablet! I would use this for everything - work, school, Netflix, travelling, Facebook, and so much more!
  • Gary
    Fun? I'd show off to my coworkers by doing a presentation with the built-in projector!
  • Doug
    Projector is great idea.... would use for sure.
  • CalgaryCaper
    This is an awesome prize! I would use it for traveling with work as well as Skyping with my family back home, reading, Facebook, and Twitter. The projection feature would be great for Netflix too!
  • Sue
    Oh my, all to myself? Yes please? No Minecraft, or other silly games on it? Yes please?
  • CalgaryCaper
    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/whirly_churly/status/541615113585709057
  • ginette4
    With the tablet I would skype with my family, watch movies and listen to music
  • ginette4
    I'm a subscriber anger_family @yahoo dot com
  • ginette4
    tweeted https://twitter.com/ginette4/status/541610575500165120
  • ginette4
    following on pinterest and pinned http://www.pinterest.com/pin/167759154845301152/
  • Sherri
    This would be perfect for watching movies with my son. And for him to skype with his dad and play his educational games on. Thanks for the opportunity. I subscribe to your newsfeed
  • Sandy
    I think it would be great for when we are camping. Could set it up and project a movie onto the screen tent for a great family night.
  • Janine F.
    I would watch funny youtube videos like jumping goats or bad dogs videos. They crack me up!!
  • Aimee
    I would take the laptop out to my kitchen and watch tv , surf the web, and drink coffee at the same time. Great morning.
  • Jeanne
  • sandra
    I would share with my son. Skype with his grandparents who are in Florida.
  • jay n.
    It would give me some fun while I wait a kiddie groups. I have always wanted a fun device for the children to use while we are on the long painful drive to visit family.
  • Brenda
    I would use this to show my digital pictures I have taken during the year projected onto the living room wall when family and friends come over during the holidays!
  • Kelly
    I'm a single Mom and I work from home. This would allow me to be closer to my kids while still being able to check on and keep up with work as it came in. It would also allow the kids to Skype with their grandparents that live a couple of hours away. Oh, and while the kids were playing their Wii games or watching their shows on the TV I could still stream more adult focused shows. My kids are pretty young so I don't necessarily want them seeing all that goes on in the world.
  • Julie
    My daughter and I would set up a slideshow to use the projector feature with. She loves looking at pictures that go through on our screen saver, so this would be awesome for her to kind of control what is going on!
  • Batool
    I will use to look for recipes and cook yummy dinners and pack fun lunches. Easier to browse bargain moose while cooking too =)
  • Resay
    This is really cool because you can use it for personal or group viewing ! Show your gaming skills !
  • Karry K.
    I would play games on it...like Candy Crush
  • Karry K.
    I subscribe to your newsletter via email karryknisley76 at yahoo dot ca
  • April
    I would give this to my son. He's in university and his old laptop is broken and he needs a new one. This would be perfect!
  • Brandy
    The projector sounds really fun...great for a movie night.
  • whiteapple
    We have a newborn and will project a slideshow of his pictures when he was born to those who will be coming over to visit us during the holidays.
  • Cephas W.
    i would use this to do some work and watch movies on the bus
  • Carrie
    We'd make movies. My kids love recording themselves
  • Rod
    EVERYDAY would be fun with the Yoga tablet 2 Pro; why I could even do yoga while using my Yoga. Imagine watching movies upside down - gives a whole new perspective to life :-)
  • Josie
  • Josie
  • Josie
    I'd find lots of deals and enter lots of contests!
  • forest2087
    It would be a perfect gift for my mother, so she can enjoy her favorite books and movies.
  • DaveO
    We'd have fun with this and use it to watch movies.
  • Sandra
    Enter contests!
  • DaveO
    tweeted: https://twitter.com/PlanetZordoc/status/541634547293491200
  • DaveO
    shared on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.osborne.31/posts/825657334164243?pnref=story
  • DaveO
    pinned: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/369717450634149326/
  • DaveO
    subscribed to daily email updates
  • Deepti
    This would be perfect to teach my mom how to use new technology! She will finally be able to Skype with me and other family and surf the web on her own. And it would be exciting to see what she discovers while I am there to assist.
  • Harjot
    I would use the tablet to surf the internet, watch movies, listen to music, and download games. I would also use the tablet to read books on.
  • Donna L.
    I would have lots of fun using the projector to watch movies!
  • Donna L.
    I subscribe to Bargainmoose daily e-mails
  • Donna L.
    I Tweeted this contest https://twitter.com/jamgrl88/status/541641110989189120
  • Donna L.
    I Like Bargainmoose on Facebook and posted this contest there https://www.facebook.com/donna.lyn.18/posts/805607339495448
  • Jasen H.
    Tweeted - https://twitter.com/_Contention_/status/541602368425451521
  • Jolene F.
    I would give it to my nieces and nephew who don't have a tablet :) it would be fun for my 4 boys to send pictures and texts to them and Skype them as we don't get to see them very often. Thanks for all the great contests and bargains!
  • Rick
    Are you kidding me? Has to be playing tents and watching movies with the kids on the tent walls....no brainer!
  • Rachel
    I would give it to my mom so that she can watch her favorite TVshows when she has time. Her favorite show is wheel of fortune but she hardly gets time to watch it as she is so busy looking after us. This would make her happy, thanks.
  • Warren
    This would be great for watching videos of the kids activities and for games for the kids.
  • katama381
    playing online games and talking to my daughter, via Skype, who is currently at school in Europe
  • claudia
    Play all angry birds !!! and a walking dead marathon!!
  • Allison
    I would use it to watch shows in the kitchen while I'm cooking/prepping food.
  • Amy
    I'd totally use the tablet screen to scribble silly doodles to sent to friends. MERRY CHRISTMAS, HERE'S A SNOWMAN EATING A SNOW CONE is this cannibalism!?
  • Margie
    I don't know how much fun it would be, but I'd use this to do homwork! LOL
  • Saba
    Watch it while multitasking with my two kids. Put the 'yoga' to the test!
  • Amy U.
    This would be the perfect tablet for my little boy to track Santa :) a great gift for our whole family
  • Mags
    I'd take it with me everywhere, for on-the-go fun!
  • zahra p.
    This would be perfect for projecting movies but also for keeping touch with my family in Africa (skype) and not to mention for doing online Christmas shopping. With those specs and a decent size, it would be handy to take everywhere. I might have to keep a tight leash on it otherwise my niece will grab it to play games all the time!
  • zahra p.
    I am an email subscriber
  • Vickie
    built in projector to loop holiday movie favourites
  • nps00
    This would be the perfect gift for our family to play games and stream movies together as a family.
  • Leslie
    With my crazy family, the fun we could have with this tablet might make us rich !!(thinking AFV)
  • diana
    I would watch movies! I dont have a TV to watch with and my laptop gets difficult especially if I want to be comfy in bed
  • Steve
    I would use it when I'm too lazy to use my desktop computer. Lots of late-night surfing and YouTube.
  • Rokshana
    It would be very helpful to have an extra device to use as a communication tool to download pictures/program for his therapy and take along everywhere to communicate with our son. Thanks
  • beamman
    This would be great for weekend surfing will sipping on my favourite coffee., The tablet/laptop combo is an awesome idea.
  • Angelene A.
    I would love to win this and be able to take it with me to hospital to sit with my Mum. My laptop is soo old and heavy, I need to take Tylenol after carrying it there, sore arms, back, lol!
  • KittyPride
    I could enjoying exploring all areas of BargainMoose website and Pinterest for great inspiration!
  • Alvina
    Shopping for the best deals online!
  • Anita
    I could watch movies and television series.
  • AmandaS
    I would use it to skype with my family =) Thanks for another great contest!
  • AmandaS
    Tweeted! =) https://twitter.com/_amanda_star/status/541695098224775168?lang=en
  • jhand709
    watching movies in bed!
  • natalie d.
    we would love this as a home computer for our family of 5. also, an ideal way to take and share pics, etc with the family while we are travelling to visit everyone over the holidays.
  • Theresa D.
    Oooh would love to curl up on the couch with this when I'm too sore to sit at my desktop. Catch up on emails, twitter, pay bills, Bargain Moose emails, LOL and a few fun games. Also nice in the kitchen to view recopies while cooking. .I spend so much time online now :) Already an email subscriber Tweeted contest, pinned and posted on FB
  • Suzie M.
    we could make our own movies with this great machine kids would love it
  • Suzie M.
    I subscribe via email
  • Karim L.
    I would use it to watch hockey games via NHL GameCenter and to do all my fantasy hockey research.
  • Nancy
    I subscribed to the daily email updates and tweeted out a post! (twitter: dinosoarchen) I would watch the latest youtube videos on it as I'm doing homework, watch the latest dramas, let my bratty sisters watch their favourite shows and play games on the go!
  • Suzie M.
  • Suzie M.
  • Suzie M.
    Pinterest Dec 7 http://www.pinterest.com/pin/503769908293179863/
  • Jasen H.
    I am subscribed to daily updates via email
  • Pam R.
    We would use it to watch Netflix! I'm already a subscriber
  • christmasnorris
    Subscribed via email and shared!!! I would use it with my soon to be 3 year old, we love to look at old pictures together!!
  • Sean H.
    I would watch movies, and play games I can't play on my mac
  • Sean H.
    I am subscribed by email
  • Tainan L.
    I would play games with the Yoga tablet 2 Pro
  • Tainan L.
  • Deborah F.
    Check for bargains while watching TV
  • Deborah
    I would be able to check Bargainmoose Site more frequently. The tablet I have is not very reliable.
  • MAShopper
    If I win the laptop, I'd keep a closer tab on my favourite deal site, Bargainmoose.ca. It'll be an awesome tool for shopping an relaxing.
  • Amanda M.
    This would be great to watch movies and play games with my kids. Also gives us more ways to communicate with family with email and skype which is great.
  • Stephen L.
    My son is getting married in a couple of months in Europe so this would be perfect to project video we shoot there to show other guests after we edit them on the computer.
  • Linda P.
    Use it for games and Skype, thanks for the great giveaway.
  • Jeffrey A.
    Fun? I wish! My old laptop is busted and I still have months of school left ahead of me. Would love to get some quality work done with this (oh, and Steam). Work, play, and no risk of shooting one's eye out. Perfect Christmas gift!
  • Jasen H.
    Pinned - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/421297740116514879/
  • Margaret H.
    Keeping in touch while child sitting the grandchildren at their home
  • Linda
    I'd use it to skype, watch movies, concert videos and it sure would make reading recipes easier. The built-in projector in such a cool idea!
  • Melissa H.
    I would give it to my mom,she just had surgery and deserves a nice tablet to watch her favorite shows on!
  • Susan J.
    Email subscriber
  • Lalita
    Skype my daughter overseas and to read articles, recipes and DIYs that I enjoy.
  • Carol M.
    I would use it to stream movies.
  • Mike G.
    mi kids would use this to play games!
  • Carolyn
    Watch movies online
  • colleen b.
    To multi task, surf the web, work watch tv listen to music..
  • Carol M.
    I tweeted https://twitter.com/carollushka/status/541769949899804672
  • Ken
    this tablet looks like it would be ideal for note taking and life planning. so handy and compact i would love to use it for work and play
  • Carol M.
    Post it on Facebook
    • Carol M.
      Oops, don't think I added the link https://www.facebook.com/lushka.smith/posts/659121634209383
  • teri22
    This would be great for all the family to share & do so much with, we can all watch movies with the projector with awesome sound system , play games, upload & share photos, keep in touch with family through the webcam. The things they come out with...:)
  • Raz
    All sorts of fun. Watching videos, playing games, surfing the net.
  • Nidia
    Watching movies, videos, check emails, schedule my game plan for Christmas and new year day, surf the net for recipes.
  • Alexandra
    It would be an amazing gift for my brother!
  • Rebby
    I'd be able to entertain myself for hours on long flights or road trips playing games, watching movies and listening to music! Fab prize! Fingers crossed!
  • Rebby
    I subscribe via email!!
  • Rebby
    I tweeted! https://twitter.com/RebTheCatSitter/status/541795905800634369
  • Rebby
    I linked and follow on FB! https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.roberts.180/posts/10154886145710335
  • Rebby
    I pinned on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/pin/223350462745357300/
  • Alex C.
    I would be snuggling up in a warm bed watching Christmas movies.
  • Cecilia
    The usual, surfing the web, going on Facebook & Twitter
  • Cecilia
    Already a subscriber
  • Cecilia
  • henglish
    I could skpe with my daughter. I'm an email subscriber. Tweet: https://twitter.com/henglish/status/541801931044564992
    Run faux "drive-in" movie theatre nights with the friends and family!
  • wyleecan
    I'd be more mobile around the house with this!
  • Greg
    great for surfing the web
  • Andrew P.
    This would be the perfect device for my parents to stream NetFlix
  • Andrew P.
    Already a subscriber to the daily email updates
  • Andrew P.
    Tweeted - https://twitter.com/apham17/status/541815088403865600
  • Andrew P.
    Posted on FB - https://www.facebook.com/apham17/posts/10152877246363798
  • Andrew P.
    Pinned - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/337347828312379882/
  • CC
    It would be great for watching Netflix
  • Haley.T
    I would like to upload family photos and videos for my parents!
  • Donald J.
    As an aspiring writer I am finding it more and more difficult to take my aging PC to the local coffee shop for some quality time writing. It appears that dragging my desktop into the shop is not considered "apprppriate behaviour". With a Lenovo Yoga Table 2 Pro I could walk into that coffee shop with pride, order a Chai Latte and sit down at a table for two, instead of a table for four, and write and drink. I would annoy fewer people and save my back. This is a device for my health.
  • sheila
    I would use it to watch Netflix or surf the net :)
  • jinny
    I'd love to build my business with Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 Pro. :)
  • Linda
    My son is starting a new job, moving into a new apartment and he needs a new computer. He has so many expenses at this time, it would be nice if i could give him this computer for Christmas.
  • sandra
    I would give this gift to myself.....my kids have taken over all my devices and only when the battery is dead do I get it. I would love this to surf the net and play games on and maybe some work. LOL
  • seham m.
    stream on netflix

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