Lenovo 7 Days of Prizes Day 3 - Win an In-Ear Headset! (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Kittypride! ***

The prize values just keep going up and up on this Lenovo contest and today's prize is the Lenovo in-ear headset, valued at $32.99.

This headset also has in-line microphones, which means you can switch between calls, music and whatever it is you'd like to listen to. It has noise isolation technology to enhance the audio experience, which means you can't hear anything else. I think I want one of these just to have for when I'm cooking dinner so I can't hear anyone else whining at me.

There are three sizes available so all users can use this headset - big and small - and it comes with a carrying case so it works perfectly for travel or keeping in your vehicle.

We've managed to get those of you out there who want to just pick up this headset right now, an exclusive coupon code, getting you $13 off. You can pick it up this week for only $19.99. Use code BGNMSEHP19 at the checkout to get your discount.

Now, if you want to win these headphones, you can try to do that too. Simply follow the instructions below.

How to win this prize?

Why do you need these in-ear headphones? Please comment below!

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 4th December 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion


  • SueSueper
    I need these because my on-the-ear's leak too much noise and I annoy everyone around me, these should be better.
  • SueSueper
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  • Kier
    I frequently use Skype to talk with my parents who lived across the miles and I need one to hear them better and talk privately especially when I am in public place :) HO Ho Ho!
  • linda
    I have subsribed for years and I always buy dollar store ear headsets. It would be nice to have a good pair.
  • sandra
    I have kids thats why I need these.....lol
  • Christine G.
    I would love these earphones so that I could listen to music from my phone while I'm at my desk at work!
  • Irene
    I need these In-Ear headset to drown out the sound of sports coming from the TV every night my husband cranks it up to watch hockey, football, basketball and especially the sound of NASCAR.
  • David
    I would love to get these earphones to give to my wife so she can listen to opera to herself so I don't need to endure the loud shrills coming from the speakers.
  • Lorraine
    I need a good pair of headphones for the gym. They will make my work out so much easier!
  • Alvina
    Having a backup pair of ear buds can always be beneficial.
  • Steven
    I need a pair of earbuds cause as soon as i get a pair my kids confiscate them and i never see them again.
  • Gary L.
    Who doesn't need a pair of excellent earbuds, especially when you have teens.
  • Mike
    So I don't have to listen to all the noise around the office!
  • Allison
    I need these headphones bc I am always listening to music at work, bus and walking. And I have bad luck with headphones, I go through a few sets a year. Hopefully these would last longer bc they're better quality!
  • ElCubano
    In-line microphone, great quality...what's not to like :D
  • Brandy
    I would love these for my son...his current pair are held together with electrical tape :)
  • Linda
    I'd like to try a good pair of earbuds for my workouts at the gym.
  • Aaron
    Always good to have an extra pair! These are probably better than what I have now.
  • Dave
    My current pair are starting to break and need an up grade
  • KittyPride
    I need new headphones because the wire connection on my earbuds pulled away and they do not work anymore
  • KittyPride
    I am an email subscriber of BargainMoose
  • Paula
    I have never had this type of headphones before!
  • ginette4
    I need them so my daughter can have my old ones since she's the one that has them all the time anyways
  • ginette4
    email subscriber anger_family@yahoo dot com
  • ginette4
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  • ginette4
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  • Mags
    I need these to listen to music!
  • Gord
    I need these because I have never owned a decent pair.
  • Holly M.
    I need these headphones because my children have stolen all mine and I am left with cheap crappy ones.
  • Holly M.
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  • katama381
    I need these headphones so I can watch Netflix without bothering my family
  • lynne h.
    I need them for my tablet so when my niece comes over I don't have to turn up the tv to hear it over her games :)
  • Anita
    I need in-ear headphones to listen to music on the bus
  • Rod
    Mine actually just broke - it's fate! Time for a new pair! :-)
  • henglish
    I'm using a dollar store pair to listen to music while the treadmill. These would make the sound so much better! ~ Email subscriber ~ Tweet: https://twitter.com/henglish/status/540606102552215552
  • zahra p.
    I have grad school homework and need to focus so these headphones would allow me to tune out all the chaos at home
  • Colleen
    I need them for when I run
  • Maggiemae1176
    FB share
  • Suzie M.
    My kids could use these
  • Suzie M.
  • Suzie M.
    I subscribe via email
  • Suzie M.
  • Suzie M.
  • Linda P.
    funny you should ask, mine died this am, so I need a new pair to keep me company on the treadmill, thanks
  • Brennan
    I need these for when I go running
  • Raz
    It's always good to have a spare headphones.
  • Nick
    I need them for the work !
  • Ken
    I need these to help maintain my sanity while working at a monotonous factory job.
  • Susan J.
    Listen to sound/music on tablet without disturbing people around me on the bus.
  • Susan J.
    already a subscriber
  • Gary T.
    to block out the kids once in a while
  • Sue
    To force me to go for walks alone!
  • Steve
    I would like these headphones to listen to my favourite podcasts.

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