iWeb: Dedicated Server Free For 4 Months On 24 Month Contract

Spin up your own server for two years and get four months free!

I know this is a bit geekier than is usual for this particular website, but I'm all for changing it up a bit. This is a deal for a dedicated server. Basically, it's a server in a data center somewhere that is all yours. You can run a web server on it, you can run your own mail server, or any other type of server.

iWeb is running a back to school special right now where you get four months of service and an SSL Certificate for free, if you sign up for 24 months. The servers start at $99/month but depending on what you get that price can change. So the four free months could be worth $400 or more! Not too shabby!

I took a minute and poked through the options, and you can do a lot of customizing. It's great for the person who really knows what they want in a server. They say they offer 100% up time over two years, but we all know that is impossible. Over four years they say you get five 9's, so let's go with that. Little more realistic I think.

What are you going to use your very own dedicated server for?

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