Iomega 320GB Portable Hard Drive For $50.97 @ Tigerdirect

Iomega is offering a good deal on this 320GB Iomega portable hard drive - it's priced at only $50.97!

If you work it out, that's about $0.16 per GB of storage. I did a test by putting this item in my cart and shipping was only $5.93 which is really reasonable.

If you use your home computer a lot, and don't yet have any method of backing up, then I really recommend you buy some external storage. If you have loads of digital photos or even camcorder footage stored on your PC, it's essential to have back-ups. If your hard-drive failed, there is almost no chance at all of getting that data back again.

As I use my home PC for work purposes too, I make monthly back-ups of all my data. Not to mention the fact that I have thousands of photos stored on here, especially precious are those of my new baby girl. I'd hate to lose those. We've gone quite far in backing things up though - we have a NAS (network attached storage) drive, and it's used as the main back-up facility. But we also have a portable hard drive, and we use it to make back-ups of the back-up, then keep it somewhere away from the home office.

You probably don't need to go to the extent that I do, but I hope you have back-ups somewhere!

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