Henrys Canada: Point and Shoot Camera & Memory Sale & Free Shipping on Orders over $99.99 (Normally $349.99)

What happens when two sales get together? Awesome deals! What happens when two sales love each other very, very much? Ask your parents.


Let's talk about the shipping deal first. It doesn't seem like that good of a deal but it really is. If you're a pro or prosumer then you know that dropping over $100 on CF cards or a lower end flash or some other accessory isn't hard. Sometimes spending $350 or more on those things can be difficult. Only having to hit that $100 mark is pretty sweet. I have no knowledge of this but it almost seems like they are trying the new shipping policy to see if it is profitable.

And now for some of the deals:

That's the sale folks! Take advantage of a double deal here and stock up on your photo stuff!

(Camera Deal Expires: 5th AUGUST 2012)

(Shipping Deal Expires: 7th AUGUST 2012)

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