Half Price Sennheiser Earphones


I’ve spotted a nice price on these Sennheiser 502544 CX 200 Street II Earphones from JR.com. They’re half price, down from $39.95 to only $19.99. Shipping is only $5.95!

It sounds like a good deal.

I did a quick price comparison and spotted these earphones at a few other online Canadian retailers. The suggested retail price at Sennheiser.ca is $59.95. The same headphones are $43.97 at Techdepot Canada, or $59.99 at Memory Express.

In my opinion, Sennheiser are a very high quality make for audio products. They’re always had an excellent reputation in that field.

P.S. These come with a 2 year warranty which is standard from Sennheiser.

UPDATE: I had originally thought these were with free shipping, but Rory kept me right and told me the shipping was $5.95. Thanks!

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  • Rory
    Free shipping mainland U.S. only, shipping to Canada is $5.95

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