Great All-In-One Printer Deals @ The Source Canada


There are a couple of great bargains on some all-in-one printer scanner devices from The Source Canada right now! Each of these models are only $29.99!

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping either - you can order online then collect at your local branch of The Source for free.

I am kind of kicking myself though… I recently ordered an all in one device from However, I've decided to go for a laser printer, and I hope it will last a lot longer before I have to replace the toner etc.

With the above inkjet models, people seem to be of the mindset in that they buy the printer, use up the ink that comes with it, then throw it away as the replacement ink is a whole lot more expensive than the printer was to begin with!

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  • Martin
    It's now $29.99 WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY COMPUTER... But I had time to buy one at Future Shop... 22$ + TX (Price match - 10% of the difference!)

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