Gaming Extreme Inductive Charging Dock For Wii Only $14.96


I'd never heard of these until I saw this device on The Source today. It's the Gaming Extreme Inductive charging Dock for the Nintendo Wii, reduced from $34.99 down to only $14.96!

This is their circuit breaker for today, meaning it's available for one day only - get it fast!

It looks like a really handy device, to be honest. You simply have to set your Wii remotes on the special inductive charging dock, and it recharges the batteries. You don't have to plug them in or anything. It comes with 2 battery packs so you can charge 2 remotes on it.

What's great about The Source is that you can order online and collect at your local store for free, instead of having to pay for shipping.


  • brent
    These things suck, they take 4 hours to charge and take only an hours worth of gampleay to burnout. they batteries seem to disharge even when not in use... the worst thing though is that wii does not recognize them so it will not warn you your batteries are low it just stops working mid play. I wouldnt pay a penny for it... GREAT idea though, just crappy batteries
  • joy
    I have these and have had no problem with them. I must admit, we don't sit for 4 hours and play. Ours have never run out of juice. Also if you check the status using the "home" button on the remote it will tell you how much juice you have left. All rechargeable batteries discharge even without use.

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