FutureShop.ca: Labour Day Weekend Sale on Laptops, Tablets, TVs and More!

3 September 2012

It's labour day so what better way than to celebrate the eight hour work day than to use some of the money you made during said day and buy some cool gadgets! And what better place to do it than a store having a sale!?

The deals on this are all over the place. TVs, computers, appliances, etc... Here are a few of them:

It's shameless how retailers will use any excuse to have a sale. Shameless but useful. It gives us more sales, which is always good. Anywho, there truly are sales on everything here so don't just look at the page I linked to above. The whole Future Shop website is full of deals.

You know, school is just around the corner for a lot of kids. A lot of the sales here have been specifically "back to school" sales. At this point it's kind of late to be doing your back to school shopping for the kids but I think labour day is a perfect "back to school" shopping time for parents. You've spend all summer going to the zoo, buying ice cream, polysporin-ing scraped knees and driving to ever sleep over, party, event, etc... Now the kids are back in school, things are going to calm down a bit and life will normalize. What better way to rewards yourself for all the hard work you've put in this summer than to buy yourself something? Future Shop is a good place to do this because they sell a lot of stuff. You can get a car stereo, a new TV or, if you're really into your kitchen, a new fridge.

(Expires: 4th September 2012, 10:00AM ET)

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