Future Shop Canada: Save $110 On Sennheiser Headphones (Now $140)

Save $110 off the regular price of Sennheiser Audiophile Headphones (HD 558) at Future Shop Canada. Regular $249.99, these headphones are marked down to only $139.99.

That's a great price for the Sennheiser Audiophile headphones. Future Shop say that these headphones generate an extended spatial sound field for a listening experience that immerses the wearer during music and movies. Sounds good!

If you are serious about your music, there are a lot of great reviews on these earphones. Here are a couple of my favourite.

They are not only good.....they are fantastic...absolutely amazing!! I love how my music sounds with them as compared to my other sets (Sony, Beats etc.) I hear more of everything with them that I never heard before with other pairs. Love them!
Highly recommended!!

After using these, I can say that they not only gave me superior sounding bass, but they allowed me to hear sounds in music and movies that I've never picked up before. Plus, the coverings kept my ears free and clear from sweat.

I think these headphones are for the serious music lover/listener, I can't picture anyone wearing these with an iPod!

Get free shipping since these headphones are over the $20 minimum required for free shipping.

Expires: 26th January, 2012

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  • paul
    sold out, argh!

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