Flip UltraHD Pocket Camcorder For Only $79.99!


A few months ago, Avigayil posted about the Flip Camcorder when it was at $99.99. I was browsing on Amazon.ca just now, and I spotted that it has dropped to only $79.99! It's this price at both Amazon and Dell, so I will give you the choice as to which merchant you prefer (they both offer free shipping).

To price compare, the Flip video camera is $149.99 at NewEgg.ca, and a refurb model is $99.96 at TigerDirect.ca.

The Flip UltraHD pocket video camera is a super-handy little device. My friend has one and he just flips it out and captures a quick video of the moment. It has been quite handy when he was wanting to take a quick video of something funny that my baby was doing at the time. It's also really handy in that you can just flip out the USB connector and stick it straight into your computer to watch instantly.

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  • Kim
    The prices will keep coming down on these because I saw on the news that they will no longer be making them. The manufacterer will provide warranty till 2013.
    • Anna
      Yeah, the "flip" department is now closed :)

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