Eneloop Charger & Rechargeables For $19.99 @ Dell Canada


In a new set of the "days of deals" from Dell Canada, I spotted a very good price on this Sanyo battery charger, complete with lots of Eneloop batteries. It's only $19.99, that's more than half price.

You get the battery charger, 4AAs, 4AAAs, with a bonus car adapter. I think it's a great price for the bundle, because I sometimes pay $10 alone for a set of 4 batteries.

I am slowly switching over all my rechargable batteries to Eneloops, I have an extremely high opinion of them. I also seem to need more and more batteries as time goes on. With having the 6 month old baby in the house now, she is starting to receive toys from friends which sometimes require batteries. I already have needs for 7 more AA batteries compared to before she was born! And I am sure there will be plenty more toys to be powered in the future...

While you're there, I recommend you see if there is anything else that takes your fancy in the days of deals offers.


  • mrchristian
    I don't usually pump products but these batteries are fantastic. I used them for my digital photography and they last forever. I took two sets to Ireland with me last winter and ended up going the whole three weeks on just one set. They were hard to get for a while - only The Source sold them and then they stopped. I thought maybe they didn't make them anymore.
  • Chris R.
    Thanks for posting this deal. I have been wanting to switch to rechargeable batteries for a while, and this posting plus the comment from mrchristian set my butt in gear. Plus, free shipping!! What better time to switch over!
  • Stephanie
    Great gift for a $20 gift exchange.
  • Heather H.
    We've been using Eneloops for the past couple of years and they last as long as and sometimes longer than regular batteries. I also have the Eneloop hand warmers and I don't leave home without them all winter.

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