Dirt Devil Easy Steam Red Only $33 @ Newegg.ca

Over at Newegg.ca, you  can get a good deal on the Dirt Devil PD20000 Easy Steam Red cleaner - down from $69.99 to only $32.99, and that's with free shipping too!

This is one of Newegg's limited time shell shocker deals, so it won't last long - possibly today only.

I googled the Dirt Devil model number to try and do a price comparison for you guys, but I couldn't find it for sale at many places. One example is $70.27+shipping at Techdepot, so a bit of a difference!

There's only 1 review on Newegg.ca, so the evidence isn't extensive as to whether this is a good or mediocre appliance. Here's a quick snippet:

This steamer is very easy to use and eliminates the need for a mop or getting on your hands and knees to clean floors.

Sounds good! There are quite a few more reviews on Amazon.com, if you want a bit more reading, with more of a mixed message. For example:

Dont even bother with this mop, its not worth it! Very, very hard to push.

This steam mop does a great job cleaning my hardwood floors! It's easy to use.

So have a read for yourselves and see if you want to spend your $33 on it. :)


  • Steven
    Great Deal!
  • Steven
    Free shipping at checkout too, but there is a BC EHF (environmental handling fee) of $5.25!
    • Anna
      Love free shipping :) Hate environmental charges! Boo!! :D

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