Digital Camera & Digital Camcorder Deals @ The Source Canada


The Source Canada is offering 15% discount on selected digital cameras and camcorders right now.

There are a number of products on offer, here are a few that caught my eye:

The CASIO EX-Z77PK 7.2MP DIGITAL CAMERA is priced at only $94.96. I would definitely call this a girly camera, as it is bright pink!

The CASIO EXILIM S10 10.1MP DIGITAL CAMERA is only $179.96. Seems like a decent price for a good specification. It's more expensive than the above pink camera, as this is a better spec (10mp for example).

The JVC MS120AU SD DIGITAL CAMCORDER is priced at $169.96. That is a very good price for a little camcorder - I like the blue finish.

The MEMOREX MYVIDEO POCKET DIGITAL VIDEO HD CAMCORDER is priced at $169.99. This is one of those pocket camcorders that seem to be all the rage lately. This one is available in white or black... so a bit of a choice for you there.

What do you think?

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