Dell: Laptop Messenger Bags on the Cheap


This is a great deal I found and had to post about (I also ordered 1 for myself). I was looking through the clearance stuff on Dell as I sometimes do and found two laptop bags at KILLER discounts!

The thing is pink. But it is $38.00 off it's original price! It securely holds up to a 15.6" (screen size) laptop with a different compartment for cords and accessories. This thing is wicked cheap... about 76% off!

This one is also pink. It is $35 off it's original price but is a top loader zipping your contents in securely. It also holds up to a 15.6" (screen size) laptop with a different compartment for accessories. It also is dirt cheap.. about 70% it's original price.

So for $3 more you can get one that zips up instead of folds over and clips. Your personal choice for style and perhaps security. Belkin is a well known producer of sound laptop products. So far these products have got good ratings.

Free shipping as well.

How can you go wrong?

*Believe these deals end on the 24th of September 2010


  • Rammy
    I ordered mine online on Monday night and received it this morning, Wed. It is a very cute pink laptop bag !!!
  • Kitty
    I placed an order for the $14.99 one on Sept 21, and after 9 days they decided to cancel it without any reason or explanation. I wouldn't have known if I didn't log into my account to check. I just emailed CS and asked them what the heck is going on.
    • Avigayil
      Thats horrible!! I hope CS will fix the problem.

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