Dell Days Of Deals Day 3


It's now the 3rd day of this new Dell days of deals promotion, and there are another 12 products on offer today (Wednesday 15th June 2011).

I won't list every single product here (click the link above to see them all), but here are some of the Dell highlights:

Dell Ultrasharp 24" Monitor for $429.99 - I have a slightly older version of this monitor but it's really excellent. The Ultrasharp range from Dell is really high quality - the picture and resolution is just superb.

Kingston 8GB SD High Capacity Flash Memory Card for $10.99 - great price on a bit of extra storage.

NetTalk Duo VoIP Telephone Device Bundle for $99.99 - it's a two handset cordless telephone system, including a Canadian phone number and a year of service.

Targus Canada Voyager Notebook Backpack  17" for $39.99 - both myself and my partner have Targus backpacks for when we're out and about. It fits my 17" Sony Vaio perfectly.

All the above have free shipping of course!

(P.S. Guys, I am not posting about the Days of Deals every single day, but I might do a post every few days to remind you about the offers)

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