Dell Canada Weekend Electronics Sale


There are LOTS of items for sale in this long weekend event from Dell Canada.

Here are a few items of interest:

Kingston 2GB SD Memory Card for only $6.99! Honestly, if you use a digital camera or camcorder, it's always handy to carry round a little spare SD card for storage space emergencies! This is less than $7, and well worth it for a back up.

Sony DSCW370 14.1MP Digital Camera for $199.99 - that's a very high resolution on this handy little Sony point-and-shoot digital camera! I am a fan of Sony products, but I've never owned one of their digital cameras.

Targus Canada Social Networker Black/Red Messenger Bag for $11.99 - very trendy little bag for your laptop. It gets a good rating too.

Sony HDR-CX300 16GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder for $649.99 - I actually just bought a Panasonic video camera for a similar price to this, though this Sony seems to be of a higher specification. It's HD, so in my opinion, that's a little bit future proofed for a few years at least.

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(Ends 3rd August 2010)

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