Dell Canada: Pinnacle Speakers 10-inch Fibercone Home Theatre Subwoofer $99.99 (Orig $399.99)

I have been debating who would like a home theatre better in our house: me for watching my silly cartoons, or my hubby for his movies and television. Either way this Pinnacle Speakers 10-inch Fibercone 125W Home Theatre Subwoofer is an absolute steal at $99.99, originally $399.99. You are saving $300 at Dell Canada.

A couple of these babies and your home theatre system will be sounding real nice. There currently is one 4 star rating and one 2 star rating for this subwoofer, not a lot to go on. However, I did find some good advice: "As with all speakers, room acoustics can make a good speaker sound bad, so try different placements around the room and play with the phase if it is too 'boomy')"

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