Dell Canada Clearance Deals: Headphones, Keyboards, Bags & More!


I've have a nosey through the clearance section at Dell Canada, and I've spotted a few sweet deals for you to take advantage of!

First up, you can buy this cute little Targus mode messenger bag for your laptop computer for only $19.99. It's a good brand, and a nice style. This case will hold a laptop of up to 15.4" in the screen department. It was $2 cheaper in the past, but who's counting, eh? If you want to go a little bit funkier, the sketch casual messenger bag is only $14.99 - I like it better because it doesn't have any of the dreaded pink on it!

Secondly, if you would prefer a sturdier case for your notebook, how about one of the backpack cases? Dell is offering the Belkin energy laptop slim backpack for only $29.99. It will hold a laptop up to 15.6" in screen size. I always use my laptop backpack when I am out and about - I can fit all the bits and pieces in it, and it keeps the laptop nice and safe.

If you're in need of a new keyboard and mouse combo, check out the Microsoft wireless desktop for only $38.99 - it comes with a wireless keyboard, mouse, and receiver. Handy!

If you need to drown out the sounds of screaming kids or whining husbands, how about some Targus noise-reducing headphones for $14.99? These could be very handy when you just want to get lost in the music inside your head while you are on the PC.

Here's something that I've always wanted but never got around to buying - a Belkin cushtop for $19.99. It's a little platform for your laptop computer, which goes on your knee when you are using it. When I am using my laptop round the house, sometimes it gets quite hot. I sometimes set it on a tray to try and keep it a bit cooler, but the cushtop is ideal for this kind of thing.

FREE shipping on everything above folks! There are loads more items in the clearance section though - so have a nosey yourself.


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  • Amanda
    That Targus mode messenger bag actually has three interchangable straps that comes with the bag. I bought one when you advertised the sale last time. :) There's pink, orange, and brown. It's super easy to change the straps, too. I do think I like the sketch one better, though.

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